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Maximizing Accuracy and Efficiency with Business Keywords
Maximizing Accuracy and Efficiency with Business Keywords
Written by Athul Rajeev
Updated over a week ago

Business keywords go beyond basic tagging. Teach and empower Docket to understand your product catalogs, abbreviations, and more, thereby improving the relevance of question-and-answer pairs and the accuracy of answer generation for user queries.


  • 6 system categories are provided, Feature, Pricing, Legal, Security & Compliance, Competitor | Battlecard, Business Outcome, Objection Handling.

  • Currently, only the admins can create, and delete keywords.

Create a keyword

  • Go to Settings, and click Business Keywords.

  • Select a category among the 6 system categories provided.

  • Type a keyword and enter to add the keyword to the selected category.

Delete a keyword

  • Select a keyword from a category.

  • Hover on the keyword and click the close icon.

Optimizing Business Keywords: Best Practices

When creating and categorizing keywords within Docket, strategic selection and proper categorization are paramount. By choosing terms that are frequently used or crucial for understanding your product or service, and organizing them effectively, you enhance the accuracy and efficiency of knowledge retrieval. Here's how you can do it, using Slack as an example:

  • For the "Feature" category, select keywords like "Channels", "Slack Connect", or "Slack Canvas" to cover essential functionalities of your product.

  • In the "Competitor | Battlecard" category, include names of competing products or companies such as "Microsoft Teams" to ensure Docket provides relevant insights when users inquire about comparisons.

  • Consider abbreviations, such as "SC" = "Slack Connect", to cover common company shorthand.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively leverage business keywords within Docket, enabling swift and accurate retrieval of knowledge relevant to your users' queries.

As always, if you have any questions or need help with Docket for Slack please write to us at [email protected].

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